About us

We are your partner when it comes to your metal components.

We demand high quality and reliable work from ourselves in order to fulfil your requirements and deliver your products in the expected quality and on time.

With our partners in the areas of coating, deburring and further processing, we are ideally positioned to fulfil your orders!

We are so successful because we do our work with conviction and passion!

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Our Team

Our company is made up of a friendly and highly competent team of experts with years of experience.

We carry out our work highly efficiently, also thanks to the use of the latest standards and technologies. Regular staff training and excellent networking with machine and tool suppliers allow us to always be up to date and offer you the best possible solution.

With our modern CNC systems and our CAD system, we are also able to handle difficult and challenging projects.


Frammelsberger Metallverarbeitung GmbH emerged from E. Frammelsberger Metallverarbeitung e.K., which was successfully active on the market for over 40 years, primarily in the production of fittings.

In May 2021, the new managing directors, Eugen Heidt and Andreas Hubert, took over the business from Heidi Huber with a team of specialists and continued the business seamlessly. Building on a large customer base and outstanding commitment, a smooth transition was ensured.

About the managing directors

Eugen Heidt worked for many years for a leading automotive supplier as a CNC miller in the prototype sector and as a CAM programmer and designer.  He then spent over 10 years as project manager responsible for the industrialisation and development of technical production capacities in the automotive sector in other European countries and Asia.

In his new role as Commercial Director, he is taking on direct responsibility for a company with great potential. His experience and excellent contacts will directly benefit our customers and take the company a big step forward.

Andreas Hubert is our CAM and design specialist. You will notice his remarkable experience in these and other areas, such as the development and construction of clamping fixtures and the machining of complex geometries, in his ideas and results.

If you have an idea or a concept, it is guaranteed to be even better with him. Let us convince you. As an experienced CNC miller in 5-axis milling and designer with several patents, he enriches our company immensely.

As technical director, his job is to translate your requirements into finished components and devices and to find solutions for difficult tasks.

Helmut Reglin is in charge of quality assurance and manages the IT infrastructure. He has worked for many years in a managerial role together with Eugen Heidt and Andreas Hubert on technological developments and investment planning. After a stopover as an authorised signatory and technical manager in the field of sheet metal forming, and several years as a software developer in C#, WPF and PL/SQL, he has now joined the team.